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Three Do’s, Three Don’ts of Wedding Makeup

Bridal Lingerie at Town & Country Mercantile


Do 1. If you are going to wear fake tan on your wedding day, make sure you wear it when you visit your make up artist for your make up trial 4 or so weeks before the event, so that she can see the colour your skin will be and plan your make up around that.
Do 2. When you are having your make up trial done, make sure that you wear something the same colour as your wedding dress. Take a photo of yourself with your trial make up on but remember to turn the flash OFF and take it in natural light – no flourescents etc.
Do 3. Collect images of the kind of make up look you would like and bring them to your make up trial. The look in the end will depend on your own colouring and face shape but it will help to have inspiration.


Don’t 1. Don’t choose a look that is very on-trend, as it may look very dated in a few years. Classic may be a better bet.
Don’t 2. Don’t just think about make-up for your face. Think about your neck and shoulders – we need to ensure that your face does not differ in colour or texture in order to create the most natural look possible.
Don’t 3. Don’t forget that your make up may need maintenance throughout the day and do plan for it. Talk to your make up artist about how much time you want to spend at this and select products and applications accordingly.

If you’d like to talk to our make up artist about your wedding make up, call 051 448 619. Do you have any tips for Bridal Makeup? Do let us know 🙂

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